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Look Around

APOINT makes it easy to find appointments with local beauty professionals. Find your favorite spot or discover new businesses through our App.


Book 24/7

Book services instantly through APOINT, and avoid the back-and-forth phone calls during business hours.


Get Notified

Automated reminders ensure that you never forget upcoming appointments. Use the App to change and manage your appointment.

Some features to make your life easy!

  • Client self-service 24/7

    Apoint is available to clients at any time of the day. People can check the free slots of service providers and book their visits 24/7 from any place with free app.

  • Rewards, Ranking system

    The successfully completed works will give the points to each service provider, and those with the highest ranks will receive Rewards and will be promoted for free. Due to other clients’ ratings the visitors can easily find a good service provider in the best location for them.

  • Notification system

    There is no need to keep in mind anything about the work anymore, we will take care. The customers can get alerts and reminders about upcoming appointments and decrease the possibility of forgetting them.

  • Cashback system

    We will give bonuses and cashback for clients who are using the online payments. And you can use those bonuses to order other services in our app.